Why You Shouldn’t DIY New Roof Installations

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As home improvement DIYs are all the rage these days, you may be tempted to engage in a few yourself. While DIYs are a great way to practice creativity, you need to be wise about what you DIY. Not every online home improvement tutorial can be safely executed, especially if they involve elements of danger and are usually performed by skilled individuals. One such task is new roof installations.

If your roof is worn and needs to be replaced, call the professionals. Attempting a roof replacement on your own is a dangerous job, given that it needs to be performed at a height. Additionally, it’s a skilled job, which means it needs to be done perfectly to avoid damages or critical mistakes. To show you exactly what could go wrong, Sonderby Contracting LLC has explained why you shouldn’t DIY new roof installations.

1. Safety hazards
Roofing isn’t as easy as it may look. The skills needed to add shingles and prepare for leaks takes time to develop. Most of all, doing work on the roof is just downright dangerous. Even trained professionals face the wrath of roofing safety issues. However, they still have the experience, training, and equipment needed to complete the job safely and efficiently.

2. Loss of insurance
Roof and property damages caused by a DIY may not be covered by your home insurance. Additionally, if your insurance company finds out that you tried to fix your roof, your policy can be canceled. You can also lose out on potential tax deductions, and overall you may fail to protect the value of your home if the repairs aren’t done correctly.

3. Double expenditure
The main reason why people love DIY projects is to save money. But, it actually costs a lot of money if you have to do your roof twice. If it is installed incorrectly the first time, you will need to restart from the beginning. Additionally, the materials cost will be higher if you buy them yourself as professionals tend to get special discounts in stores. Overall, it’s best to avoid the risk of overspending and leave things to the experts.

Do things right - Hire a professional
Although you might do your own research and find useful information on getting your roof replaced, you are still not a professional. Qualified experts maintain extreme safety standards. They have been in the industry for several years and have the necessary licenses and training required to deliver excellent results. More often than not, as professionals, they have access to high-quality roofing materials that ensure your roof lasts a long time. They can also source top-quality materials at wholesale prices. Hiring a roofing contractor is incredibly cost-effective, considering that they have a good rapport with suppliers. Most times, their estimates are usually free too.

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